Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking Back

Yesterday I looked into my former blog and was taken aback by the number of page views although I have stopped updating since 2011. 

I promoted this blog in the hope that readers will now shift to this site instead of the old one. Or else I might have to continue on my previous blog since this blog is like a ghost town.

Today I had only English class since my other class had been canceled. I was ecstatic because it means that I'll have time to come to the library and update you guys with current issues/my life before I go home with my mom & my brother. *grins*

I know, in today's technology I'd be able to update through my iPhone yet I am more comfortable in the classic way. Hehe. I only read blogs using my cell so yeah.

Anyway, before I entered my class I came across a few poetry which I can relate to myself nowadays.

The first one wrote:

"I know what it means!

When the people are singing and you feel alone.
When the people are dancing but you are still alone.
When you are there standing with them as a big stone.

I know what it means!

When your life has no taste or color.
When all the books and magazines have the same cover.
When you don't know your food is full of salt or sugar.

I know what it means!

When your life has no more fun or laughter.
When you don't care about all that you have,
It means that you are missing your real love..."

- Ayman Muminna (2007)

It's true. The poem says it all. All that is happening today is the result of what I did yesterday, whether I like it or not. The other 2 poems will be posted the next time around I promise *winks*

P/s: I promised to improvise the layout and I'm doing my best to design a new one but I'm still thinking of using the same template as my previous blog ( because I love the darkness of the blog...

May Peace Be Upon You (:

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