Friday, March 1, 2013


It's March 1st and I am posting my first post of the year 2013. Looking back at my last post it seems like it happened just yesterday. It's been almost three months ago though. To those who are still reading my uncommitted blog, THANK YOU. At least there's someone out there who is willing to listen (read) my uninteresting stories about my dramatic life. Well, that's what I think my life is; dramatic.

Anywho, since my last post, there were so much that had happened. Like my college, (yes, I have moved, yet again) and how my brother is affecting my everyday life in college since he's my classmate (surprise!). There are so much to tell yet there's only tiny part of it that I can fully share with you since it involves people around me.

I am currently in the library at my new college and I'm loving the services that they offer here. I might be blogging from here from now on.....might. So yeah, good to have you readers on my blog back.

Oh and yeah! I might also post vlogs (if I have enough courage to do so) and pictures and whatnot. I love looking back at old pictures and reminisce the moments I had when the pictures were taken.

So yeah, til' then, stay awesome and dream big!

May Peace Be Upon You (:

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