Friday, September 14, 2012

Quick Update #2

It's been a while since I last updated. It's because I've been pretty busy with college. Assignments, homework and whatnot. I've also been dealing with homesickness. My classes are 4 days a week which allows me to have 3 days break every week where I will go home for the whole 3 days and will only return to college the morning before my first class. I really hope that I won't be dealing with it any longer. Homesickness affects not only emotionally, also financially. College is only less an hour away from home yet it is still a waste of money for me to commute. In college, I barely use my car since every essential places are within walking distance of my residence.

What I miss the most about home is my mom. No one else but her. I just miss her so much when I'm in college (I'm currently at home :D) Almost everything I do will remind me of her. She thinks I'm homesick because I miss my cousin though. Which I'm not! It's her I miss the most. Gosh! Just by thinking of it makes me feel sad already! Til' then, have a nice day/night!

May Peace Be Upon You (:

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