Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Almost a month ago I mentioned about getting back on Skype and how I had feelings for my best friend. Time has passed. In these past few weeks a lot had happened.

For instance, Peanuts and I had come clean about our feelings and so the journey began. Not long after (a few days ago), I had this disturbing dream about that particular person, let's call the person Z. So what happened was, the day after the dream I kept pondering on whether I should say hi to Z since we haven't talked in almost 3 years or not.

Aaaaaand I did. That's when everything changed. Apparently I am nothing but a pathetic and desperate b*tch. You might have figured it out by now that Z is a guy who used to mean a lot to me...still does and that's the problem! Z has someone who "cares a lot" about him...a.k.a...someone who took over my place and I was thinking of claiming my role in Z's life again! Little did I know, I am nothing compared to Z's new "caretaker". She is INTELLIGENT, THIN and polite which is the total opposite of myself.

I know Z won't let her go easily but as mentioned, I'm a pathetic and desperate b*tch. I'd do anything to get what I want. Although deep down inside, I know I can't compete with her. I know he will never let her go...
I am still waiting for Z to change his mind though.

And Peanuts? Since I had this anonymous relationship with Z, Peanuts and I haven't talked a lot. I kept avoiding him because he's too jovial and I'm just not in the mood for that right now. I'm sorry, Peanuts.

Oh and because of this, my long lost best friend is back...ED

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